The Art Farm Studio is located on acreage and offers a tranquil, inspiring and open atmosphere. The studio is well ventilated, open and surrounded by the beautiful Diamond Valley hills.

Sarah is a high school trained and registered teacher, with 24 years’ experience across state, private and alternative educational institutes. She has worked extensively within, and run, learning support departments within schools. At age 10, Sarah was diagnosed with dyslexia. She views her experience with dyslexia as being a super-power that has enabled her to work alongside any student and enable them to understand the content, skills and concepts in a fun and personal way. Sarah believes that learning is fun and creative. Her personal passion is to create a place where all people experience success and realise just how incredibly smart they are.

At Art Farm Studios Qld, Sarah hosts art-based drop off days for home schoolers. During these days the participants learn Math, Science, English through the Arts & Art and Drama. Each day starts at 9am and finishes at 2:45pm, with all learning resources provided. Tuesdays are aimed at primary aged participants; Wednesdays are for high school aged participants.

In addition to the arts-based drop off days, Sarah offers group and private art lessons. All art mediums are available from ceramics to printing, and all those in between.

Location: Diamond Valley, QLD, 4553, Australia